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Do you want to challenge the limits and transform your organization?
We will train, coach, and certify your teams to reach their highest potential and establish more efficient Agile Ways of Working.

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Agile Transformation

You envision modernizing your organization and bring it to the future of work?
We will partner with you to build and execute a clear plan for the transformation. Equipped with a strong experience in Agile Transformation programs, together we will design the right approach that works for you, tailored to the unique context and environment.

Business Consulting

Business agility is the ability of your organization to adapt to change and embrace it as a competitive advantage. To achieve that, your teams and business leaders must work together as one. We will mentor and guide you through your Agile Journey and consult you about the good practices you can use to achieve true synergy between all the parties.

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SAFe Certification

You’re looking for a proven holistic large-scale approach toward Agile adoption?
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the most popular and used organizational framework according to all studies till 2021.
The Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultants (SPC) will train and certify your employees in the art of SAFe and guide you towards a proper SAFe implementation.

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Training & Workshops

We provide custom-designed and not off-the-shelf Agile, Scrum, or Kanban training.
Our company training and workshops are state-of-the-art with the highest quality in the Lean-Agile domain. The key ingredient to our success is our deep practical knowledge we’ve obtained working on the front line for the past decade.

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Our purpose is to influence people & organizations to be successful, at their best, and reach their highest potential via consistent growth by challenging the limits of their potential and disrupting the status quo through high agility.

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